Specialist endocrinology services

The Society for Endocrinology has produced a document that explains how the wide range of endocrine conditions are best diagnosed and managed by teams of doctors working in a variety of different clinical settings.  A copy of the document can be found on the Policy and Practice page (scroll to October 2001).

Specialised services national definition set

Specialised services are defined in legislation as those services with a planning population of more than one million people. This means that a specialised service would not be provided by every hospital in England; generally, it would be provided by less than 50 hospitals. The Specialised Services National Definitions Set (SSNDS) describe these services in more detail. General information at: www.specialisedcommissioning.nhs.uk/

The Society for Endocrinology has had input into Definitions 1 (Specialised cancer services (adult)) and 27 (Specialised endocrinology services (adult)) of the third edition (2010) of the Specialised Services National Definitions Set. These can be found at: www.specialisedcommissioning.nhs.uk