Programme: Tuesday 7 November 2006

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09.00 � 10.00 The Society for Endocrinology Medal Lecture Great Hall
      Chair: John Wass (Oxford)
S3    Hormone action - insights from human genetic disorders
    Krish Chatterjee (Cambridge)
10.00 � 10.30 Coffee   Great Hall and Small Hall Foyers
10.30� 12.30 Symposium 5:
    Sexual differentiation
    Chair: Caroline Brain (London)
S21   Update on genetic mechanisms of sex determination
    Robin Lovell-Badge (London)
S22   Molecular and phenotypic features of disorders of sex development (DSD) in humans
    John Achermann (London)
S23   Management of disorders of sex development
    Peter Clayton (Manchester)
10.30 � 12.30

Oral Communications 2   Small Hall
Placenta, bone and genetics
Chairs: A White (Manchester) & R Andrew (Edinburgh)

OC9   IGF acts through the IGF1R mediated PI3K pathway in first trimester human placenta to rescue cytotrophoblasts from apoptosis
    K Forbes, J Aplin, M Westwood
OC10   The expression and regulation of the tachykinin (TAC) genes in the placenta
    N Page, J Dakour, D Morrish
OC11   Effect of leptin on hepatic carbohydrate metabolism and insulin signalling proteins in fetal sheep
    A Forhead, C Lamb, K Franko, R Cripps, S Ozanne, D Blache, A Fowden
OC12   Physiological blockade of gut hormones increases food intake
    A Kokkinos, R Vincent, C le Roux,M Ghatei, S Bloom
OC13   A kindred with Carney Complex due to a novel PRKAR1A gene mutation (c1067_1070 del AACG ins GCCCA)
    C Strey, J Randall, S Conroy,A Horvath, P Weissberg, L Berman, A Dixon, G Hoffman, J Cooper, H Firth, D Wood, H Simpson, K Chatterjee, C Stratakis, A Melvin, M Gurnell
OC14   The metabolic basis of a severe rickets-like deformity in Nigerian children
    O Couppis,W Emmert, K Kitz, W Van't Hoff, W Drake, Stich
OC15   Preliminary results from the PRISM study: a multicentre randomised controlled trial of intensive vs. symptomatic management for Paget's disease of bone
    S Ralston, A Langston, M Campbell, G MacLennan, P Selby,W Fraser
OC16   Symptomatic improvement after parathyroidectomy for primary hyperparathyroidism
    R Mihai, G Sadler
10.30� 12.30 Symposium 6:   Council Chamber
    AMPK systems
    Chairs: Marta Korbonits (London) & Ashley Grossman (London)
S24   AMPK cascade - new players upstream and downstream
    Ian Salt (Glasgow)
S25   AMPK in the heart - regulation of energy status
    Gary Lopaschuk (Edmonton, Canada)
S26   Central and peripheral effects of leptin on AMP-activated protein kinase
    Yasuhiko Minokoshi (Okazaki, Japan)
S27   Role of AMP-activated kinase in the control of insulin secretion and satietyof AMPK in beta-cell function
    Guy Rutter (Bristol)
12.30 � 13.15 Lunch   Great Hall and Small Hall Foyers
12.30 � 13.15 Attended Posters   Lower Foyer
13.15 � 14.15 Clinical debate   Great Hall
    'This house believes that biochemical monitoring of hydrocortisone replacement therapy in Addison's disease is a waste of time'
    Chair: S Atkin (Hull)
    For: Richard Ross (Sheffield)
    Against: Trevor Howlett (Leicester)

14.15 � 15.15

European Medal Lecture   Great Hall
    Chair: John Wass (Oxford)
S4   Assessment of growth hormone levels: tailor-made assays for specific clinical questions
    Christian Strasburger (Berlin, Germany)
15.15� 15.30 Tea Great Hall and Small Hall Foyers
15.30 � 17.30 Symposium 7   Great Hall
    Controlling the overactive parathyroid
    Chair: Peter Selby (Manchester)
S28   Consequences of primary and secondary parathyroid overactivity
    David Hosking (Nottingham)
S29   Medical management of secondary hyperparathyroidism - lessons from renal disease
    John Cunningham (London)
S30   Medical management of primary hyperparathyroidism (PHP)
       Munro Peacock (Indiana, USA)
S31   Advances in the surgical management of hyperparathyroidism
       Barney Harrison (Sheffield)
15.30 � 17.30 Oral Communications 3   Small Hall
Pituitary, ovary and steroids
Chairs: C McCabe (Birmingham)& D Ray (Manchester)
OC17   Prolactinomas: All in the family?
    S Razvi, S Ashwell, M Korbonits, R Quinton, R Quinton
OC18   Adult onset diabetes insipidus due to congenital midline defects of the brain
    S Zachariah, S Hyer
OC19   Metformin stimulates AMP kinase activity and increases lactate production in human granulosa cells
    M Richardson, R Sreekumar, L Sellahewa, S Ingamells, I Cameron, C Byrne
OC20   Novel activation of MAPK family proteins in pituitary GH3 somatotrophs and alphaT3-1 gonadotrophs by C-type natriuretic peptide (CNP)
    K Jonas, I Thompson,A Chand, R Fowkes
OC21   Macroprolactinoma with progressive resistance to high-dose cabergoline
    C Arun, D Mitra, S Ball, J Hill, J Lewis, R Quinton
OC22   Coupling of cell cycle progression to GR cellular distribution
    L Matthews, D Spiller, C Rivers,M Norman, M White, D Ray
OC23   Metformin inhibits ovarian aromatase and anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH) production
    S Rice, L Pellatt, D Feldman, P Malloy, S Whitehead, H Mason
OC24   Influence of C-type natriuretic peptide (CNP) on cell proliferation in alphaT3-1
gonadotrophs and GH3 somatotrophs
    I Thompson, K Jonas, S Wolf, C Lawson, C Wheeler-Jones, R Fowkes
15.30 � 17.30 Symposium 8   Council Chamber
    Adipocyte and insulin resistance
    Chair: Steve Atkin (Hull) & R Semple (Cambridge)
S32   Adipose tissue and fatty acids as precursors to insulin resistance
    Keith Frayn (Oxford)
S33   What role for adipocytokines in insulin resistance and diabetes prediction? From genes to epidemiology
    Naveed Sattar (Glasgow)
S34   The ins and outs of steroid hormones in adipose tissue
       Brian Walker (Edinburgh)
S35   Fat mobilisation with insulin sensitising agents: what clues to mechanisms?
       James Tobin (Cambridge, USA)