Society for Endocrinology BES 2012

Meet the Experts

Invitation for scientific research cases   

There will be a number of basic science ‘Meet the Expert’ sessions. The sessions are anticipated to be relatively informal with discussions based around new scientific research technologies. If you are attending the meeting and would like to submit a specific issue to be discussed by the experts, please send a synopsis of the issue as a Word attachment by email to The synopsis should be no more than 300 words.

Deadline for receipt – Monday 6 February 2012

If selected, the authors of the specific issues will be asked to present their case, after which the expert will comment and open discussions. A number of interesting submissions will be selected for each session below:

Wednesday 21 March

Optogenetics: controlling cells with light
Expert: R Allemann (Cardiff)

All you need to know about CHIP-sequencing
Expert: J Carroll (Cambridge)

Invitation for clinical cases

Delegates attending the meeting are invited to submit clinical cases for discussion in the ‘Meet the Expert’ sessions. A number of interesting or controversial cases will be selected for each of the topics, which are as follows:

Tuesday 20 March

Therapeutic management of adults with CAH
Expert: W Arlt (Birmingham)

Expert: M Vanderpump (London)

Preventing and managing long term complications of acromegaly
Expert: K Meeran (London)

Wednesday 21 March

Management of persistent TSH elevation in
hypothyroid patients
Expert: A Allahabadia (Sheffield)

The surgical approaches to MEN1 - what the
endocrinologist needs to know
Expert: B Harrison (Sheffield)

Thursday 22 March

Prioritising therapy in neuroendocrine tumours
Expert: C Toumpanakis (London)

Regulating periods and optimising fertility in PCOS
Expert: C Duncan (Edinburgh)

The authors of the selected cases will be asked to present their case for five minutes, after which the expert will comment and open the discussion. The case should not be rare or exotic but, rather, should focus on practical aspects of research, clinical diagnosis and/or management. Please note, cases selected will also be required to be presented in the repeat sessions.

The synopsis of your case should be sent as a Word document by email to: Your synopsis should be a maximum of 300 words.

Deadline for receipt – Monday 6 February 2012