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Put public engagement into practice

For those taking their first steps, or those wanting more experience for their CV, these opportunities will allow you to engage with journalists, write for non-specialists, or engage face to face with the public. 

Finding opportunities

Public engagement with the Society:

  • You and Your Hormones activity downloads, perfect for delivering hands on endocrine outreach.
  • Become a Content Editor for the Society for Endocrinology’s public facing website, You and Your Hormones.
  • Become a Media Ambassador.
  • Write a blog post for The Endocrine Post, the official Society for Endocrinology blog.
  • Apply for the Public Engagement Grant and be awarded up to £1,000 to support organisation and delivery of outreach activities, aimed at school children and/or the general public.

Hints and tips to help you find other opportunities:

  • Local primary and secondary schools - give a talk or lead an activity during school hours or for an after school club. Finding the right person to talk to is the hardest part – but not impossible! Search in the staff directory for the head of science or enrichment team. If their contacts aren’t available, ask for those individuals through the receptionist.
  • Science Centres and Museums - These organisations have ample opportunities for experts to get involved, share new ideas and collaborate. Just call them up and find out how you can get involved. Find your nearest Science Centre or Science Museum here:
  • Local community groups: Cubs, Scouts, Brownies, Guides etc.
  • Local Youth Groups
  • Libraries
  • Faith based groups
  • Cultural groups
  • Web-based groups i.e. Facebook, Instagram etc.
  • On some council websites you can find local neighbourhood officers who can help you find organisations to collaborate with.
  • Science festivals - attend to network or join in the fun yourself as a speaker, facilitator, volunteer or exhibitor. Find your nearest science festival here:
  • You can join several mailing lists and join member discussions, share resources and find opportunities: PSCI-COMM mailing list, NCCPE-PEN mailing list, BIG-chat (BIG STEM Communicators Network)  

Give it a try