Society for Endocrinology - a world-leading authority on hormones

About us

Who we are

The Society for Endocrinology is a UK- based membership organisation representing a global community of scientists, clinicians and nurses who work with hormones.

Since 1946, we have been a leading voice of endocrinology worldwide. Together we aim to improve public health by advancing scientific and clinical endocrine education and research.

We also seek to inspire informed health decisions by engaging educators, students, policy-makers, patients and the public with hormone science. Our ambition is to be a world-leading authority on hormones.

The Society's aims

  • To advance scientific and clinical education and research in endocrinology for the public benefit
  • To attract high quality scientists, doctors and nurses into endocrinology and support their professional development to advance science and medicine
  • To engage the public with endocrinology and its impact
  • To raise the profile and be the voice of endocrinology in the UK
  • To promote and support the global endocrine community through collaboration.

How we operate

The Society is a not-for-profit organisation and a registered charity. The Society is financially supported primarily through its wholly owned commercial subsidiary Bioscientifica. Official Society journals and events are managed by Bioscientifica.

Profits from Bioscientifica funds are transferred each year to the Society by Gift Aid. These funds are used to support a comprehensive framework of Society activities to support members, advance the discipline and engage wider audiences with hormones and their impact. These activities are largely carried out by Society members, supported by a professional team based in Bristol, UK.