Grants, Prizes and Awards

The Society for Endocrinology offers a number of grants, prizes and awards which are available largely due to the funds generated by its trading company BioScientifica Ltd.

The Society's last strategic review addressed various issues connected with attracting good scientists, doctors and nurses into endocrinology and supporting them throughout their early career. Most of the grants are intended to achieve this objective.

Some are flexible to allow members to make the fullest use of them. An example is the Early Career Grants Programme, which provides grants of up to £10,000 to members for a very wide range of uses, from new equipment to finalising a project.

Several of the prizes, for example the Student Essay Prize, are intended to focus the attention of budding scientists and clinicians on endocrinology, both to ensure they learn something about the project during their studies, and to encourage them to consider specialising in endocrinology.

Details of the grants are available here but for any further enquiries please email

Your membership needs to be in good standing to apply for a grant. If you miss a subscription year then your grant eligibility reverts to that of a new member. If there is a two year or more break in membership, you need to re–apply for membership as a new member.

A booklet giving an overview of grants is available at the link below.

The Society’s granting processes have been awarded a Certificate of Best Practice by the Association of Medical Research Charities.  Further details can be found on the AMRC website.

Download grants leaflet (pdf) (111kb)

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