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Grants & Awards

Travel Grant

For attending endocrine meetings or conferences in which members have an active involvement by acceptance of an abstract.

Travel grants cover registration, travel and accommodation costs and members may apply for up to two grants per year.

*New terms apply – see below for details



15 March (for grants to attend meetings with an end date before 15 August)

15 August (for grants to attend SfE BES plus any other overseas meeting with an end date before 15 December)

15 December (for grants to attend the US Endocrine Society conference or SfE Endocrine Nurse Update, plus any other meetings with an end date before 15 March)


Up to £600 (see details below)


  • Subject to the terms below, UK-based members may apply for a Travel Grant up to £500 (up to £600 for an overseas meeting). Overseas members may apply for up to £600 to attend SfE BES and up to £500 for another overseas meeting.

  • Full or Associate Members may apply after being a member for one year. Nurse Members may apply after being a member for one year, or if the event is the SfE Endocrine Nurse Update, Nurse Members may use their allocation of one overseas grant to apply immediately. Clinician–in–Training and Scientist–in–Training Members may apply after six months or, if the event is the SfE BES conference, members in these membership categories may apply immediately. Applicants must earn less than £45,000 pa (including income from out of hours duties. London weighting can be excluded) or be trainees not in receipt of any other funding. Trainees should seek funding from their own deaneries in the first instance.

  • If applying for a grant to attend another organisation's meeting, applicants must have:
    • attended a recent SfE BES conference or
    • had an article accepted for publication in one of the Society's journals in the last 12 months

How to apply

Apply for a grant online. You will be asked to logon using your SfE membership details.

Online Travel Grant Application
  • One application for an overseas grant may be made in any calendar year.
  • All applicants must be in good standing with their membership subcriptions when applying for and receiving the grant
  • Grants cannot be awarded restrospectively.
  • Evidence of an accepted abstract as an author or co-author must be provided no later than two weeks after the event - this includes the SfE BES but excludes the Society’s Endocrine Nurse Update. 
  • We are unable to fund applications from members who are invited speakers.
  • Funds are awarded on the understanding that they are used for the purpose stated in the application form.  If support is obtained elsewhere or any part of the grant is unused, the balance will be refunded to the Society for Endocrinology.
  • As a condition of the award the applicant must:
    For SfE BES – Attend all plenary lectures and complete a questionnaire providing details of posters visited.
  • For Endocrine Nurse Update – Attend all sessions and complete a feedback questionnaire
  • For other organisations’ meetings – Attend all plenary lectures and complete a feedback questionnaire. 
    The questionnaire will be sent to you with your grant award notification. In both cases, the completed questionnaire should be returned to the Society within 4 weeks of the meeting.
  • Applicants are expected to pay for their registration, accommodation and travel upfront and the grant monies paid to the institution may then be used to reimburse you for these costs. We will not reimburse subsistence costs.
  • First class travel will not be funded and applicants must endeavour to find the least expensive travel and accommodation costs.
  • Monies will only be paid into named institutional accounts. Successful applicants will be asked to submit institutional account details at a later date. Members who have attended the most recent SfE BES will be given priority if budgetary constraints are necessary. The Grants Panel's decision is final and not subject to appeal.
  • Student Members may not apply for Travel grants.