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Council and Committees

The Society is run by its members who volunteer their time and expertise to develop and deliver Society activities to help us meet our aims.

Society members and activities are supported by a professional executive team.

The Society is governed by a Council of Management and eight committees.

Society Council and committees organisational structure

Society Council and committees organisational structure

We are regularly looking for new members to be part of these groups. In doing so, our members benefit from the experience, as well as shaping the future of the Society. 

We cover the cost of Council and committee members’ expenses to attend committee meetings.  Please see our Expenses policy

Read our committee members' testimonials about the value and benefits of being part of a Society committee in The Endocrine Post and The Endocrinologist spring issue

"It is our job to keep the Society relevant to its members, catering for our clinical, nurse and basic science members" - Committee member

Byelaws, Memorandum and Articles

Our governance documents state the aims, byelaws and codes of conduct of the Society for Endocrinology

Memorandum and Articles