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About the Press Office

The Society for Endocrinology press office can provide expertise on hormones and hormone-related conditions. We put journalists in touch with endocrinologists for expert comment, and support our members with tips and training to effectively work with the media.


Recent press releases

For endocrinologists

The Society for Endocrinology press office is able to support members on any endocrine-related topic in the news. We work with you to:

  • produce press releases for articles published in Society journals or presented at Society events
  • address scientific inaccuracies or sensationalism in the news
  • find you opportunities for media training



See our 'Top tips for working with the media' published in the autumn 2016 issue of The Endocrinologist.

The Science Media Centre have produced a set of media guides for doctors and scientists on how to effectively communicate research to journalists and deal with common difficult questions. Find out more.


Be on our media expert list

The Society often receives requests for expert comment on news stories, feature articles or broadcast programmes. Please contact the press office if you are happy for us to contact you about these.

For the public

For more information on hormones and endocrine conditions, please visit our public-facing website, You & Your Hormones or contact the relevant patient groups who can provide advice and support. Please note that there is no-one in our office who is medically qualified and we are unable to give any medical advice on endocrine conditions.

For journalists

The Society for Endocrinology press office handles media enquiries about the Society’s work and the medical specialisation of endocrinology. We also provided a press office function for Society journals published by Bioscientifica.


Spokespeople and case studies

The Society for Endocrinology have basic scientist and clinical spokespeople available for interview. We do not have access to case studies who are willing to speak to the media. Contact us for more information.


Be on our press lists

If you are a journalist and would like to receive embargoed press releases and articles from our journals, conferences and policy work, please email one of our press officers to be included on our mailing list. Please provide details of the newspaper or publication/s you write for and your contact details, including email address and telephone numbers.


Latest news

For the latest news and updates on the work of the Society for Endocrinology, you can follow us on Twitter, like our page on Facebook and subscribe to our blog.

Contact the press office

+44 (0)1454 642 206
or +44 (0)7876 842 027

Email [email protected] 

Office hours are 9am–5pm, Monday-Friday.

We do not run an out-of-hours service.

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You and Your Hormones, a web-based project by the Society for Endocrinology that aims to give patients and the general public access to reliable online information on endocrine science.

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