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Defining the future of endocrinology

Harnessing innovation and driving change to improve endocrine services and training in the post-COVID NHS

The Defining Future of Endocrinology report is now available for review HERE

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 marked a watershed moment in history that resulted in completely new ways of working. It also provided a moment in time to be able to reflect on current clinical service models and their need for radical change, with better use of digital services, new service models, streamlined referral and better integration with primary care; the opportunity to innovate and create services fit for the future; ones that are truly patient-centred.

At the same time significant challenges became immediately apparent, not least of which was how training in endocrinology was going to be achieved and made fit for purpose. The Society Council took the decision to be at the forefront of this potential transformation, and approved the formation of a new working group, reporting to the Clinical Committee, to consider and report on the opportunities to reshape clinical care and delivery of training in endocrinology across the UK, with a purpose:

“To consider ways of transforming endocrine services to ensure world-class equitable care for patients, whilst meeting the needs of trainees, and recommend how these might best be implemented and sustained within the NHS post-COVID-19.” This was done by bringing together UK-wide expertise across clinical endocrinology, to define the most effective, future-focused endocrinology service models.

Key areas in the report include:

  • COVID-19 — future waves/pandemics
  • innovation, change and service transformation:
  • utilising PSGs
  • patient safety
  • transformation of endocrine services and models of care
  • closer and integrated working between primary and secondary care
  • training in endocrinology in the new models of care.

Given the importance of this work the Society has now instructed a new working group, formed in summer 2022, to look how the recommendations made in the report can now be implemented. The group are looking to create guidance and practical advice to help support healthcare professionals and organisations put the recommendations in place. Additionally, as well as the information already available in the new Resource Hub, a review is underway of the existing Society clinical guidance. As part of this review the group will be identify gaps and develop appropriate new collateral as well as updating existing guidance where necessary.

If you know of the need for a particular piece of guidance or information that does not currently exist you can request it via the Resource Hub or by emailing [email protected]