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Bionic pancreas trial results in positive outcomes in patients with diabetes
Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease risk may be reduced with dietary adjustments
Increased kisspeptin levels associated with polycystic ovarian syndrome
Study reveals link between 'forever chemicals' in everyday products and later puberty
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Update from Ferring Pharmaceuticals regarding Desmopressin
Link between premenopausal bilateral oophorectomy and chronic illness
COVID-19 vaccination associated with risk of thyroid associated eye disease
Breakthrough AI system may improve treatment of debilitating diseases
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Cannabis linked to adverse outcomes in pregnant women
Stress and poor sleep after menopause associated with atrial fibrillation
Reduced testosterone linked to risk of diabetes and cancer
Period products found to contain forever chemicals, new study finds
Sleep disorders during pregnancy linked to health complications
High-fat diets associated with risk of colorectal cancer
Semaglutide found to have the best outcomes in treating type 2 diabetes
Research finds discrepancy in absorbency of menstrual products
Amputation risk due to diabetes higher among divorced men
Positive outcomes for patients given therapy post-bariatric surgery
Scientists develop AI to help diagnose endometriosis
Metabolic syndrome in adulthood associated with TV viewing in childhood
Increased daily steps linked to lower risk of death by all cause
Mortality by premature cardiovascular disease linked to air pollution
Fructose found to increase obesity risk
Hookworms found to have beneficial outcomes in patients with prediabetes
Kombucha may lower blood glucose levels in adults with type 2 diabetes
Corticosteroid use in preterm birth linked to adverse health in infants
Hydrocortisone Sodium Phosphate Solution for Injection available on prescription
Congratulations to the 2023 Student Video Awardees
Insulin resistance improved by delaying mealtimes after waking
Isometric exercises effective for reducing blood pressure
Turmeric supplementation linked to reductions in HbA1c and FBG levels
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Congratulations to our 2023 Leadership & Development Programme Awardees
Vitamin D supplementation not linked to Graves’ disease remission
Obesity increases risk of morbidity in ovarian cancer cases
Long-term circadian disruption and high salt intake linked to early death
Preterm birth risk associated with both paternal and maternal mental health
Bisphenol exposure linked to lower T3 levels in women
Deep sleep brainwaves may help predict glucose levels
Body fat percentage more reliable than BMI for obesity indicator
Scientists link menopausal hormone therapy to dementia risk
Evidence of sex differences in reactions to acute stress
Loneliness in people with diabetes linked to higher risk of cardiovascular disease
No significant relationship found between diabetes and breast cancer
Graham Williams awarded an OBE
From our Corporate Partner, Pharmanovia: Ghryvelin NICE approved
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Statement calls for diabetes insipidus name change to protect patients
Over 155 organisations urge Health and Social Care Secretary to publish health disparities white paper
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Autumn 2023

Autumn 2023

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