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The Society regularly seeks new members to join its Council, Committees and to lead its Endocrine Networks to help shape the future of endocrinology.

We need many voices represented in the Society’s leadership to support our vibrant endocrine community. We are seeking individuals from all career levels, backgrounds, areas of expertise and locations to bring fresh perspectives and new ideas that represent our diverse membership, champion endocrinology and help maximise the impact of the Society. 

We encourage all members to check the specific role descriptions and to apply for vacancies that align with their experience and interests.

Read about our Diversity, inclusion and selection processes for all vacancies.

New application process

  • Council members and Committee chair vacancies will now both be selected following a membership election process
  • Committee members and Endocrine Network Convenors will be selected following a ballot within the relevant committee or network
  • If you would like to be considered for any of our vacancies, please review the role descriptions carefully and complete our online application form by 5 September 2022

All newly appointed Council members, Committee chairs, Committee members and Endocrine Network Convenors will take up their positions at the Society’s AGM in November.

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Current vacancies

Applications are open until 5 September 2022.
Please refer to the role descriptions and individual remits for Council or relevant Committee before applying.

Only voting members of the Society may apply - student members are ineligible.


We have four vacancies to join the Society's Council, where you will have a key role in helping to develop, monitor and manage the Society, inline with its charitable remit and for the advancement of our endocrine community.

Read the Council remit and see current Council members.

Read Council member role description

Committee chairs

Elected candidates will serve one year as Chair-elect before serving their term as Chair.

Read Committee Chair role description


  • Public Engagement
  • Science

Committee members

Visit the relevant Committee pages for a full remit and details of their recent achievements and current members.

Find out why you should join a Society committee? Read committee member role description


  • Early Career: vacancies for an early career scientist and an early career nurse, four new vacancies for Associated Professional members
  • Clinical: three vacancies to fill
  • Corporate Liaison: up to six vacancies for scientific, clinical, nursing and associated professionals
  • Finance: one vacancy
  • Nurse: three vacancies, on of which is for an early career applicant
  • Programme: four vacancies
  • Public Engagement: five vacancies, applications from clinical, nurse and associated professional members are particularly encouraged
  • Science: three vacancies

Endocrine Network Convenors

Each Network is led by two Convenors, one with predominantly clinical interests and the other scientific.

Review the Endocrine Network remit and current Convenors. 

  • Adrenal & Cardiovascular: clinical and science
  • Bone & Calcium: clinical and science (If you wish to apply for the Clinical Convenor vacancy on the Bone and Calcium Endocrine Network, please email first)
  • Endocrine Cancer: science
  • Metabolic & Obesity: clinical
  • Neuroendocrinology: science
  • Reproductive Endocrinology & Biology: science
  • Thyroid: clinical


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Other opportunities to get involved

Apply for our Clinical Update convenor vacancies - you can help organise and deliver the Clinical Update programme for 2023 and beyond. 


Join the Selection Panel

The Leadership & Development Awards Programme Selection Panel is responsible for identifying outstanding early career talent that may lead our discipline in the future.