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Invigorate your teaching in endocrine subjects

Inspire life science students to engage with endocrinology

Helping to improve the quality of teaching in endocrinology is essential for inspiring and recruiting the next generation, and we recognise that teaching is an important part of our members’ careers.

Our prizes and awards can help celebrate and support your teaching, and spark a lasting passion for endocrinology in your students.


Student Video Award

Encourage your students to bring endocrinology to life by producing a short, engaging video that:

  • demonstrates the importance and relevance of endocrinology
  • develops their science communication skills
  • gains them recognition & boosts their CV
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You can also download our powerpoint slide to use during your teaching or our A3 poster to put up around your institution.

Download Video Award slide


Download Video Award poster


Undergraduate Achievement Award

Encourage and recognise the outstanding work of your students in endocrine-related subjects with this departmental award of £300 per year, for 3 years, to award as you wish.

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Teaching Achievement Award

Celebrate excellence in all forms of teaching and inspire other members with our annual Teaching Achievement Award. The Award recognises members that demonstrate exceptional achievement in teaching endocrine subjects at an undergraduate level. 

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