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Endocrine Networks

Enable members to share knowledge and best practice to find solutions to challenges within their specialist field.

The networks are a platform for collaboration for basic and clinical researchers, clinical endocrinologists and endocrine nurses. Seven Endocrine Networks have been established, each with a clinical and a science lead.

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Adrenal and Cardiovascular

Professor Jeremy Tomlinson (Oxford) and Professor Eleanor Davies (Glasgow)

Adrenal and Cardiovascular Network


Bone and Calcium

Professor Duncan Bassett (Imperial College, London) and Professor Colin Farquharson (Roslin Institute, Edinburgh)

Bone and Calcium Network

Endocrine Neoplasia Syndromes

Professor Raj Thakker (Oxford) and Dr Paul Newey (Dundee)

Endocrine Neoplasia Syndromes Network


Metabolic and Obesity

Dr Barbara McGowan (Guy’s and St Thomas Hospital) and Professor Kevin Murphy (Imperial College, London)

Metabolic and Obesity Network



Professor Waljit Dhillo (Imperial College, London), Professor Marta Korbonits (St. Bartholomew's, London) and Dr Giles Yeo (Cambridge)

Neuroendocrinology Network


Reproductive Endocrinology and Biology

Professor Stephen Franks (Imperial College, London) and Dr Andrew Childs (Royal Veterinary College, London)

Reproductive Endocrinology and Biology Network


Dr Petros Perros (Newcastle) and Dr Carla Moran (Cambridge)

Thyroid Network

Endocrine Networks Research Incubator 

Apply for a slot in the Research Incubator meetings at this year’s SfE BES conference for a chance to pitch your ideas to a panel of experts.

Endocrine Networks Research Incubator Meetings

Nominate a Network Convenor

Nominations for the Bone and Calcium Network Clinical Convenor and the Adrenal and Cardiovascular Network Science Convenor are now open. The roles will commence in November 2017, for 4 years. Endocrine Network members are invited to nominate candidates via email:

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 Joining a Network

To join an Endocrine Network, please login to the ‘My profile’ section of Members’ Area and select.

Endocrine Networks

Proposing an Endocrine Network

To propose a new Endocrine Network, please complete the proposal form and return to Rachel Austin, Professional Affairs Manager.

Endocrine Network proposal form