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Endocrine Nursing pathway

A career in endocrine nursing

Endocrinology is an amazing discipline, offering a compromise between chronic disease management and acute medical interventions; taking the best aspects of working in A & E, whilst still offering time on the ward and focusing on the person behind the patient chart.

If you have seen patients with diabetes, thyroid or pituitary disorders and an array of other conditions, then you may already have some endocrine experience. Endocrine nursing is a specialism that is constantly evolving, adapting to the needs of the patients and providing room to grow professionally in a way that suits you.

How to get there...

Before becoming an endocrine nurse, you will need an undergraduate nursing degree. Nurses who work in endocrinology will have normally chosen adult or children’s nursing as part of their nursing degree.


Where to find out more about a career in endocrinology

  • Join the Society for Endocrinology. Becoming a member will allow you to network with leaders in the specialty, access grants and training courses as well as many other opportunities. Find out more
  • View the endocrine career profiles. Many of our endocrine nurses come from different backgrounds and often specialise in different areas of endocrinology. Our career profiles offer a window into the life of an endocrine nurse, what brought them to the discipline and what keeps them passionate about their career every day. Read career profiles
  • Read the Society for Endocrinology Competency Framework for Adult Endocrine Nursing. First developed in 2013 by Society Nurse Members, a second edition of the Competency Framework for Adult Endocrine Nursing has been published to enhance the clinical care received by adults with an endocrine disorder and help nurses develop the skills they need to excel. Find out more
  • Take the Masters-level module in Endocrine Nursing. Available to Nurse Members, this work-based learning module can be completed by distance learning and provides a dedicated academic pathway for you to further your clinical and educational development. Find out more