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Society governance review

A review of the Society’s governance structures and processes is taking place 2020-21. This review is to ensure that the Society is operating in line with current best practice and therefore able to fulfil its mission in the most effective way. It is best practice to do a governance review every 5 years.

  • A formal governance review process was agreed by Council in July 2020. This member-led review comprised of a working party, chaired by Professor Karen Chapman, and supported by an external specialist and the Society Office. 
  • Four main themes emerged from the working group activities that went on to shape the recommendations: better representation of members and their interests; more inclusive election processes to foster better member engagement and diversity with the governance of the Society at all levels; focusing on the future generation; and a focus on education and training
  • Recommendations have been mapped against the seven areas of the Charity Governance Code: Organisational purpose; Leadership; Integrity; Decision making, risk and control; Board effectiveness; Equality, diversity and inclusion; and Openness and accountability.
  • The full report and it's recommendations are now available for consultation with the wider membership. to gain their feedback. The recommendations will then be put back to Council in September for discussion and agreement
All members can complete a short survey to provide their feedback on the full report and recommendations by 11:00pm on Sunday 18 July 2021. 

All responses will remain anonymous unless you indicate otherwise. The recommendations will then be put back to Council in July for discussion and agreement.

Read full report and recommendations


Complete the survey to provide your feedback

Process and timescale

  1. Information gathering (Sep-Nov 2020)
  2. Consultation with individual members, including those on Council and Committees (Oct -Dec 2020)
  3. Recruitment of a working group representative of the membership to discuss (Oct – Nov 2020)
  4. Formulation of preliminary recommendations and areas for further investigation (by Jan 2021)
  5. Further focus groups to explore specific areas if necessary (Feb-March 2021)
  6. Formulation of draft recommendations (April 2021)
  7. Consultation with wider membership (June/July 2021)
  8. Final recommendations to Council (September 2021)