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Society governance review

A review of the Society’s governance structures and processes is taking place 2020-21. This review is to ensure that the Society is operating in line with current best practice and therefore able to fulfil its mission in the most effective way. It is best practice to do a governance review every 5 years.

In July 2020, Council approved the formation of a member-led working group to conduct the review, and appointed Professor Karen Chapman to Chair the group.

The review will answer the following questions:

  • Is the overall governance structure for decision making, i.e. the Executive team / Committees / Officers / Council robust and transparent with decisions taken at the appropriate levels?
  • Does current governance meet the current and potential future needs of the Society? Is it structured to allow for adaption when it may be needed?
  • Is the overall breadth of expertise within the governance structure sufficient?
  • Is the governance proportionate and representative of the membership in a way that reflects the diversity of the membership?
  • Are the responsibilities and eligibility criteria for each specific role appropriate?
  • Do we have inclusive and transparent nomination and election processes for Council, Officers, Committee Chairs and members?
  • Are the induction processes appropriate, reflecting responsibilities of each role and ensuring awareness of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI)?

Process and timescale

  1. Information gathering (Sep-Nov 2020)
  2. Consultation with individual members, including those on Council and Committees (Oct -Dec 2020)
  3. Recruitment of a working group representative of the membership to discuss (Oct – Nov 2020)
  4. Formulation of preliminary recommendations and areas for further investigation (by Jan 2021)
  5. Further focus groups to explore specific areas if necessary (Feb-March 2021)
  6. Formulation of draft recommendations (April 2021)
  7. Consultation with wider membership (May 2021)
  8. Final recommendations to Council (June/July 2021)

All members will be consulted on the recommendations of the working group before they go to Council.
If you have anything in particular that you feel should be addressed by the working group, or views that should be considered, please let us know below. We will not ask for your name or contact details.


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