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Society governance review 2020-21

A review of the Society’s governance structures and processes took place in 2020-21. The review was to ensure that the Society is operating in line with current best practice and therefore able to fulfil its mission in the most effective way. It is best practice to do a governance review every 5 years.


The working group led by Professor Karen Chapman reviewed the Society's governance including the structure of our council and committees and other decision-making groups, the breadth of expertise represented and the underpinning processes. The group concluded that although the Society was well-run and effective, it could, and should, do more to embed equality, diversity and inclusion practices across its governance to enable it to best fulfil its mission.

The main outcomes now underway to address these recommendations are:

  • setting up a new member-led working group to consider equality, diversity and inclusion
  • increasing clarity and transparency around all governance processes including clear role descriptions with statements of desirable skills
  • replacing nominations with an application-based election process to increase inclusivity and foster better member engagement, particularly from under-represented groups.
  • improving clarity and transparency for all medals, prize and grant processes
  • reviewing progress and setting forward strategy for education and training with members from across all Society Committees at twice yearly meetings.
Read the full Governance Review report