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Clinical Impact Awards 2022

Clinical Impact Awards are given by the Government’s Advisory Committee to recognise and reward the exceptional contribution of NHS consultants, over and above what is normally expected in their job, to the values and goals of the NHS and to patient care.

The Clinical Excellence Awards are now known as the Clinical Impact Awards and the 2022 round is now open.

There is now much more focus on assessing impact, as well as changes to the award structure and process. Further details of the changes can be found in the ACCIA’s guidance for applicants.

The ACCIA has also published resources that provide further information on the National Clinical Impact Awards scheme and to address key concerns and questions about the reforms. 

Under the new application process, the Society for Endocrinology is acting as a National Nominating Organisation (NNO) and supports applications for new Clinical Impact Awards by providing a citation. The deadline for completed applications – including any citation from an NNO – is 5pm on 22 June 2022.

After learning more about the changes to the awards through discussion with ACCIA, we need to update our process and revise the Society’s timelines as below:

As the national process has changed significantly you should read the detailed guidance notes which outline the process for seeking support from NNOs. If you wish to request support from the Society for Endocrinology you must list the Society on your online CIA application form AND contact the Society at no later than 16 May 2022.  The Society will prioritise requests for citations based on the information in your form on that date so we urge you to complete your application as soon as possible.

The Advisory Committee on Clinical Impact Awards has informed us that citations and rankings are solely for triangulation and corroboration of evidence and are not in themselves scored.  Ranking places assigned to NNOs have been dramatically reduced and the Society is not able to support as many applications as it has in recent years.  You are therefore strongly encouraged to submit an application even if you are not successful in securing a citation from an NNO. In all of the domains, applicants should consider providing evidence of national impact relating to equality, diversity and inclusion.

The new scheme is significantly different from previous rounds, and we understand that this will concern applicants. We will do our best to support our members as fully as we can in our interactions with ACCIA, and thank you for your patience.