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Clinical Committee

Develops clinical practice and governance, supports clinical research and inspires clinical education, training and career development. 

Clinical Committee remit


W Arlt (Chair) (Birmingham)

S Baldeweg (London)

A Brooke (Exeter)

P Carroll (London)

M Freel (Glasgow)

L Hunter (Manchester)

S Hussain (London)

N Karavitaki (Birmingham)

A Mukherjee (Salford)

J Newell–Price (Sheffield) 

P Perros (Newcastle-upon-Tyne)

T Sathyapalan (Hull)

P Taylor (Cardiff)

J Tomlinson (Oxford)

B Vaidya (Exeter)


J Ahlquist (Westcliff–on–Sea)

J Barth (Leeds)

K Ong (Cambridge)

J Wass (Oxford)

J Wilding (Liverpool)

Ex Officio

A Ali (Milton Keynes) (Chair RCP JRCPTB SAC)

P Carroll (London) (Chair Corporate Liaison Board)

S Criseno (London) (Nurse Committee representative)

J Newell-Price (Sheffield) (Clinical Endocrinology representative)