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Clinical Committee

Develops clinical practice and governance, supports clinical research and inspires clinical education, training and career development. 

Clinical Committee remit


Wiebke Arlt (Chair) (Birmingham)

Stephanie Baldeweg (London)

Kristien Boelaert (Birmingham)

Antonia Brooke (Exeter)

Louise Hunter (Manchester)

Shazia Hussain (London)

Miles Levy (Leicester)

Annice Mukherjee (Salford)

Rob Murray (Leeds)

John Newell–Price (Sheffield) 

Paul Newey (Dundee)

Petros Perros (Newcastle-upon-Tyne)

Roland Stimson (Edinburgh)

Peter Taylor (Cardiff)

Jeremy Tomlinson (Oxford) 


James Ahlquist (Westcliff–on–Sea)

Julian Barth (Leeds)

Ken Ong (Cambridge)

John Wass (Oxford)

John Wilding (Liverpool)

Ex Officio

Asif Ali (Milton Keynes) (Chair RCP JRCPTB SAC)

John Newell-Price (Sheffield) (Clinical Endocrinology representative)

Louise Breen (Nurse Committee representative) (London)