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Clinical Committee

Develops clinical practice and governance, supports clinical research and inspires clinical education, training and career development. 

Clinical Committee remit

Over the last 3 years the committee has:


Kristien Boelaert (Birmingham) (Chair)

Rupa Ahluwalia (Norfolk)

Mo Aye (Hull)

Ruth Casey (Cambridge)

Yasir Elhassan (Birmingham)

Fraser Gibb (Edinburgh)

Isabel Huang-Doran (London)

Kate Laycock (London)

Alex Miras (Belfast)

Anna Mitchell (Newcastle) 

Sath Nag (Middlesborough)

Colin Perry (Glasgow)

Doug Robertson (Cheshire)

Cristina Ronchi (Birmingham)

Rebecca Sagar (Leeds)



Antonia Brooke (Exeter)

Nils Krone (Sheffield)

Narendra Reddy (Leicester)

Helen Turner (Oxford)


Ex Officio

Antonia Brooke (Exeter) (Chair RCP JRCPTB SAC)

James Ahlquist (Westcliff-on-Sea) (UEMS representative)

Sylvia Michael (London) (Nurse Committee representative)