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Our activities


The Society publishes cutting-edge research and best practice in the field of endocrinology through its five official journals and conference abstracts. Our quarterly magazine The Endocrinologist contains opinion pieces, research and practice updates and Society news for members.

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Events and training  

We support our members at every stage of their career and work hard to encourage students to pursue careers in endocrinology. Our events and training programme provides a platform for sharing the latest knowledge and best practice as well as giving members opportunities to come together to expand their professional networks and strengthen existing collaborations.

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Grants and awards 

Around half of the Society’s available funds are distributed to members through grants. Our grant schemes fund members to carry out research, attend conferences, visit different institutions, carry out public engagement activities, and summer research projects. We also recognise and reward success in endocrinology at all levels through an annual programme of medals, prizes and awards.

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Clinical research and guidance 

The Society manages a programme of UK-wide research and audit projects to better understand rare endocrine conditions and improve patient outcomes. Where needed, the Society develops and publishes guidelines and guidance that advise on diagnosis and management of patients with endocrine disorders.

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Public Engagement

Our aim is for everybody to have a better understanding of hormones and to make informed decisions about their health as a result. We also want to inspire young people to take an interest in studying endocrinology-related subjects. We proactively promote discussion of endocrinology through the media, public events, as well as via online resources. We also promote the Society’s expertise to external bodies, including government departments, higher education bodies, and scientific and medical organisations, thus promoting best practice in science and medicine.

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Patient support

We work closely with patient support groups in endocrinology to improve information and care for patients and carers. The Society makes grants available to fund specific patient group activities. We also facilitate communication with the medical community by inviting patient support groups to our events.

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