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Membership benefits for scientists 


Apply for awards and grants


Career development

  • Join one or more of the Society’s eight endocrine networks facilitating networking and collaboration with others in your field
  • Apply to join or mentor the Society’s Leadership and Development Awardees Programme. This three-year programme provides an opportunity for Awardees to network and collaborate with senior-level clinical endocrinologists, enhancing their professional profile and fostering career development
  • Amplify your voice within the endocrine community by taking advantage of the Society’s links with external organisations such as NICE as well as our strong links with Patient Support Groups
  • Members also have the opportunity to be nominated for ESE Awards as well as ESE and ISE Committees.
  • Our members can also expand their networks via discounted membership of the European Society of Endocrinology and the International Society for Endocrinology

Give back to the next generation

  • Deliver taster days for undifferentiated trainees, to raise the profile of the specialty
  • Apply to become an Endocrine Ambassador, raising awareness of the discipline and encouraging students to consider endocrinology as a career.
  • Undertake public engagement activities with support from the Society, giving you opportunities to talk about your work to wider audiences. e.g. For example, by becoming a content editor for our public-facing website: You and Your Hormones, becoming a media ambassador, taking part in our schools outreach programme, or participating in public events.

Access member-only content

  • Access member-only content held on the Society’s website. Ever-growing, this members’ area includes the new Resource Hub and on-demand access to all the Society’s Research Skills webinar episodes from 2020 and 2021
  • There is also a member directory where you can contact others in your field.


  • As an SfE member, you will have full voting rights, as well as the opportunity to serve on a number of Society committees
  • You will also have the opportunity to join editorial boards for the Society’s Journals, its magazine The Endocrinologist, or our public-facing website You and Your Hormones.

Helping to set the highest standards in endocrinology

  • Opportunity to input to new clinical guidance
  • Share best practice to improve service delivery using the new Clinical Resource Bank

Endocrine news

  • Receive interesting endocrine news from the Society including the monthly Clinical News Update and quarterly magazine The Endocrinologist
  • Keep up to date on how ESE are influencing policy decisions in Europe through their ESE Advocacy Representation Scheme (EARS), which is free to all Society for Endocrinology members (further sign up is required).


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