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Nurse Committee

Develops clinical practice, supports training and education, and raises the profile of endocrine nursing.

Nurse Committee remit

Over the last 3 years:

  • Started developing the 3rd edition of the Competency Framework for Adult Endocrine Nursing, launching end of 2022
  • Oversaw additional translations of the 2nd edition of the Competency Framework into French, German, Polish, Spanish, Dutch, Italian widening its impact across Europe. Upcoming translations include Mandarin, Hindi and Russian.
  • Collaborated with the Clinical Committee on ways to improve awareness and patient safety for diabetes insipidus 


Anne Marland (Chair) (Oxford)

Miriam Asia (Birmingham)

Louise Breen (London) (Chair-elect)

Joanne Brown (Stockport)

Emily Falconer (Tunbridge Wells)

Kathryn Kinsella (Salford)

Sofia Llahana (London)

Sylvia Michael (London)

Amanda Morcombe (Portsmouth)

Emma Rawsthorne (St Helen's)

Lisa Shepherd (Birmingham)

Phillip Yeoh (London)



Sherwin Criseno (Birmingham)


Ex Officio

Helen Turner (Clinical Committee rep) (Oxford)