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Career pathways

Discover how to kick-start your career in endocrinology and diabetes, one of the most challenging, rewarding and wide-ranging of all the medical specialties.

Career profiles

Endocrinologists share their experiences of how they got started, what their jobs involve, the skills that they use and why a career in endocrinology is the place to be.

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Clinical Career pathway

Endocrinology and diabetes is a unique specialty which offers many varied clinical and research opportunities across a wide range of areas.

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Basic Science pathways

Endocrine science is a varied and fascinating career and there is no such thing as a typical endocrine scientist. Found across almost every discipline of research, all have a shared interest in hormones and signalling.

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Endocrine Nursing pathway

Endocrine nursing is a specialism that is constantly evolving, adapting to the needs of the patients and providing room to grow professionally in a way that suits you.

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