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Useful career resources

We are gathering a collection of resources to provide tips and advice to help you improve your knowledge and advance your career.

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Career resources for Endocrine Nurses

Career Support 

Building your CV

Building your Curriculum Vitae

(VIDEO) An Endocrinology Club in your medical school - Parisut Kimkool & Rakhee Vaja

Grants & support

Bioscientifica Trust COVID-19 response fund of up to £5,000/€5,000

On the quest for grant funding

Tips for writing a grant application

(VIDEO) Maximising your chances in fellowship applications; writing and interviewing - Brian Walker

(VIDEO) Starter grants and building your pilot data - Roland Stimson

(VIDEO) Society for Endocrinology early career support


(VIDEO) The peer review process and responding to reviewer comments - Professor Colin Farquharson 

(VIDEO) The art of scientific writing - Professor Maralyn Druce 

(VIDEO) How to increase the impact of your article - Victoria Merriman 

‘Publish or perish’: no longer the mantra of academics?


Teaching careers in endocrinology

e-BioPracticals - This resource was created to share knowledge of e-learning resources from around the world for use as alternatives to, or in conjuction with, laboratory or fieldwork practical activities in the Biosciences. It is a living resource, please add to it and share with colleagues. Any comments or feedback, please contact the developer, Dr Dave Lewis, School of Biomedical Sciences, University of Leeds, UK. 

Norecopa – Resources for home (online) learning (for teaching school children and undergraduate students)

NHS Lothian endocrinology teaching resources

Career information

Research career paths

(VIDEO) Insights into career patterns for graduates of a biological sciences degree- Susan Bird

(VIDEO) Research pathways in endocrinology - Dr Waljit Dhillo & Panel Discussion

Surviving the first year of lectureship

The path to the right PhD 

Career perspectives

Benefits and challenges of working less than full time

Why are fewer people choosing endocrinology and diabetes as a career?

Being a woman in academic medicine

Perspectives of successful women

(VIDEO) What has endocrinology done for me? - Dr Christine May

Engaging with the media

(VIDEO) Science versus the media - Jane Dreaper

Clinical careers

(VIDEO) Perspective of a next generation consultant - Dr Miles Levy

(VIDEO) Perspective of an established consultant – Thoughts from a dinosaur - Professor Paul Stewart

(VIDEO) What endocrinology did for me – from a consultant’s perspective - Professor John Newell-Price

(VIDEO) The good, the bad, and the ugly? Let me tell you how it is – from a trainee’s perspective - Dr Julia Prague

(VIDEO) Endocrine careers: a trainee’s view - Dr Christine May

How to manage as a new consultant

Other careers

Is a career in pharma for you?

(VIDEO) The secret life of a core facilities manager - Dr Natalie Homer

Setting up a reference lab