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The Society is committed to recognising and rewarding excellence in endocrinology research and clinical practice.

Since its inception in 1946, the Society has honoured individuals who have helped to significantly advance the field with an annual programme of Medals, Prizes and Awards. The Society awards seven medals per year. All medal lectures are given at the Society’s BES conference. Medallists are selected by the Society’s Nominations Committee from submitted nominations; nominations are considered on the basis of scientific excellence, broad contribution to the discipline and impact.


The Dale Medal is awarded, on an annual basis, to a member of the scientific community in recognition of outstanding studies which have changed our understanding of endocrinology in a fundamental way. The Dale Medal is the highest accolade bestowed by the Society.

Previous awards:

2021: S Farooqi
2020: F Ashcroft
2019: C Stratakis
2018: K Chatterjee
2017: A Hattersley
2016: P Stewart
2015: R Thakker
2014: B W O’Malley
2013: R M Evans
2012: K S Korach
2011: E R Simpson

The Jubilee Medal is an occasional award made by gift of Council to a British endocrinologist to recognise outstanding contribution to endocrinology and to the Society. The Medal was instituted to mark the 50th year of publication of the Journal of Endocrinology.

Previous awards:

2021: S Shalet
2020: A White
2019: J Davis
2018: M Parker
2017: J Buckingham
2016: S Bloom
2012: M C Sheppard
2009: J A H Wass
2006: S G Hillier
2001: G M Besser
1996: B J A Furr

The Medal of the Society for Endocrinology is awarded, on an annual basis, to an endocrinologist working in the UK and who is a member, in recognition of outstanding studies.

Previous awards:

2021: J Tomlinson
2020: D Ray
2019: P Saunders
2018: S Lightman
2017: T Vidal Puig
2016: Jason Carroll
2015: W S Dhillo
2014: A Loudon
2013: M Korbonits
2012: I S Farooqi
2011: G R Williams
2010: W Arlt

The European Medal is awarded, on an annual basis, to a European endocrinologist judged to have made significant contributions to the discipline. The award of this Medal was instituted to promote connections between endocrinology in the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe.

Previous awards:

2021: G Van den Berghe
2020: N Pitteloud
2019: F Beuschlein
2018: M C Zennaro
2017: M Joëls
2016: M Tschöp
2015: F Jaisser
2014: T Visser
2013: A Spada
2012: J J Holst
2011: X Bertagna
2010: B Allolio

The International Medal is awarded on an annual basis to an endocrinologist who is currently based in an institution outside the UK and has spent most of their working life outside the UK. The award recognises highly significant contributions to the discipline and promotes international collaboration between endocrinologists.

Previous awards:

2021: M Febbraio
2020: D J Mangelsdorf
2019: R Cone
2018: U Kaiser
2017: A Arnold
2016: M Robledo
2015: G L Hammond
2014: R McLachlan
2013: F Labrie
2012: G Karsenty
2011: P J Fuller

The Transatlantic Medal is awarded, on an annual basis, to a North American endocrinologist judged to have made significant contributions to the discipline. The award of this Medal was instituted to promote connections between endocrinology in the United Kingdom and North America.

Previous winners are:

2021: D D Moore
2020: D J Drucker
2019: M Whyte
2018: J Takahashi
2017: T Woodruff
2016: H Kronenberg
2015: G Hager
2014: M Lazar
2013: M J Meaney
2012: P Sassone–Corsi
2011: J J Kopchick

The Starling Medal is awarded, on an annual basis, to honour a mid-career basic, clinical or translational scientist who is a member of the Society and whose work has contributed to exceptional scientific advances in endocrinology.  The award targets a mid-career scientist (no more than 15 years post receipt of their first doctoral research degree - PhD or MD), who has an exceptional trajectory (transition stage career development/establishment).

Candidates are normally expected to hold an academic position at a UK or Ireland academic institution and to have carried out the majority of the work that forms the basis of the nomination in the UK or Ireland.  They are expected to be further advanced than the recipients of the Early Career Prize Lectures and normally less established/advanced than the Society for Endocrinology Medal recipient.


2021: R Stimson
2020: D Calebiro
2019: M Ralser
2018: L Hodson
2017: D Hodson
2016: G G Lavery
2015: R K Semple


The Nikki Kieffer Medal is awarded, on an annual basis, to recognise nurses who have demonstrated innovative and successful nurse-led initiatives in the endocrine field that have advanced best practice in patient care, education or research.

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Previous winners:

2021: A Marland


The 2020 deadline for nominations has now passed.


Please see the nomination form for the criteria for each specific medal.

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