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Programme Committee

Develops the programme for the annual SfE BES conference. 

Programme Committee remit

This year's Programme Committee includes:

Programme Secretary

Duncan Bassett (London)​


Davide Calebiro (Birmingham)

Caroline Gorvin (Birmingham)

Fadil Hannan (Oxford)

Laura Matthews (Leeds) demits Dec 2021

Carla Moran (Dublin)

Annice Mukherjee (Salford) demits Dec 2021

Dipesh Patel (London)

Helen Simpson (London)

Jeremy Tomlinson (Oxford)

Bijay Vaidya (Exeter)

Jennifer Walsh (Sheffield)



Ruth Casey (Oxford) demits Dec 2021

Andrew Childs (London) demits Dec 2021

Zoi Michailidou (Edinburgh) demits Dec 2021


Ex Officio

Louise Hunter (Early Career Steering Group Chair) (Manchester) demits Dec 2021

Kevin Murphy (Science Committee Programme Advisor) (London)

Mick O'Reilly (Clinical Committee Programme Advisor) (Dublin)

Phillip Yeoh (Nurse Committee Rep) (London)