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Outstanding Clinical Practitioner Award

To celebrate an outstanding clinical practitioner who has made a significant contribution to the endocrine community and showed commitment to developing and delivering excellent innovative endocrine care for the benefit of patients.

Congratulations to the joint 2025 winners of the Outstanding Clinical Practitioner Award, Professor Stephanie Baldeweg & Professor Barbara McGowan.


Dr Richard Quinton


W Drake

K Meeran


K Boelaert

H Simpson


The individual may have achieved within (though not limited to) the following areas:

  1. Delivery of exceptional clinical care:
  • Ongoing commitment to patient care and well-being
  • Contribution to patient societies / groups
  • Examples of patient support and resources for patients
  • Delivery of pathways / care e.g. telemedicine, shared pathways with specialist nurses, seamless pathways from primary, secondary and tertiary care
  • Evidence of exceptional standard of care delivered e.g. patient feedback, local awards
  • Trials supporting clinical practice.
  1. Development and leadership of exceptional clinical care:
  • Clinical trials that have led to service change / innovation
  • Development of cost-effective practice and seamless pathways
  • Innovating and establishing a new service with clear evidence of a positive outcome
  • Examples of governance used to reform services
  • National or local leadership roles within the Societies
  1. Teaching and training:
  • Textbooks / training aids / on line resources to support training
  • Evidence of supporting endocrinology as a career choice
  • Support of endocrinology through the Society for Endocrinology
  • Networks or groups to enable sharing best practice
  • Contribution to health policy

The applicant could either show all round competence in all categories or particular exceptionality in one category.

Applications are welcomed from within tertiary and secondary care services from a full range of hospital sizes. Applications from consultants at non-teaching hospitals are especially encouraged.

The award winner will receive an honorarium of £750 and free travel, registration and accommodation to attend the Society for Endocrinology BES conference, where they will share their achievement via a presentation. They will also be asked to input to an article for The Endocrinologist magazine.


The application deadline has now passed.


• Current Society member
• Practising clinical practitioners at any stage of their career, based in the UK

How to apply

Complete the application form and return it to [email protected].

Applications must be submitted as a Word document.

The Award will be made by the Nominations Committee with the Chair of the Clinical Committee being a key advisor. It will be based on (but not limited to):

  • A description of the achievement
  • How the achievement has positively affected / shown commitment to developing and delivering excellent endocrine care for the benefit of patients
Download the application form
  • Clinical Endocrinology Journal Foundation and British Thyroid Association Pitt-Rivers Award winners are not eligible for other Society for Endocrinology prizes or awards in the same year
  • Candidates cannot be awarded more than one of the Society’ awards per year
  • Candidates may not be Officers, Officers-elect or members of the Nominations Committee at the time of nomination or at the time of delivery of the lecture. Council members may be nominated but please bear in mind that, as Trustees, they are not able to receive the personal honorarium associated with the award if they are in post at the time the lecture is given
  • Awardees should not be invited within 5 years of receiving another award unless there are exceptional circumstances

Leadership & Development Awards Programme

Members are encouraged to apply for this prestigious programme, providing the opportunity to become a future leader in endocrinology.