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How your gift will support us

Your donation will support and develop the next generation of endocrinologists and help strengthen the specialty into the future.


Growing and fostering a collaborative, inclusive endocrine community

Help us to provide opportunities for knowledge sharing, learning and development for early career members

Facilitating the advance of endocrine science

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  • Through supporting high quality research from bench to bedside
  • Fostering networking, collaboration and training between disciplines for clinical benefit
  • Enabling the dissemination of knowledge across endocrine science and medicine

Improving and supporting the equitable delivery of excellent patient care

  • Supporting high quality training in the specialty that meets the evolving needs of our members
  • Promoting patient involvement in their own care and understanding of their treatments by working closely with patient support groups
  • Supporting the generation, sharing and adoption of excellent clinical practice
  • Raising the profile of endocrinology and diabetes as an attractive career choice for clinicians, nurses and associated professionals

Be an accurate, trustworthy voice on hormones and endocrine disorders

  • Delivering expert, evidence-based information on endocrine-related public policy issues to policymakers
  • Delivering expert, trustworthy information on endocrine subjects to non-experts to tackle misinformation
  • Providing information and resources to support teachers of endocrinology at schools, colleges and higher education institutions
Mari Green

Standing at only five-foot-high, Mari was a formidable and driven woman, who inspired everyone she met throughout her life and career. Her donation to the Society for Endocrinology to help support members working in adrenal cancer will ensure that her impact is felt for years to come.

Majorie Robinson

Miss Marjorie Robinson left a legacy of £100,000 to the Society for Endocrinology in 1986, which is equivalent to over £367,000 in 2024. The Society made the decision to set up a specific investment fund in Majorie’s name to maximise the impact of the donation for future endocrinologists. 


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