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Science Committee

Supports research in endocrinology through assessing grant applications and seeking opportunities for collaborative research in the field. The Committee has a focus on career development, education and training within research.

Science Committee remit

Over the last 3 years the committee has:

  • Launched a new techniques-based webinar series for researchers, available on demand in the Members' Area
  • Overseen the distribution of Summer Studentships, Early Career and Practical Skills Grants 
  • Developed the Endocrine Ambassador Scheme to attract more Scientist Members


Kevin Murphy (Chair) (London)

Craig Beall (Exeter)

Gavin Bewick (London)

Alexander Comninos (London)

Gabriela da Silva Xavier (Birmingham)

Craig Doig (Nottingham)

Matthew Gage (London)

Fadil Hannan (Oxford)

Nicole Horwood (Norwich)

Li Kang (Dundee)

Zoi Michailidou (Edinburgh)

Ruth Morgan (Edinburgh)

Cath Williamson (London)



Claire Fletcher (London)

Tijana Mitic (Edinburgh)

Mark Nixon (Edinburgh) 



Mark Turner (Early Career Steering Group Rep) (Coventry)