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Represent the flavours of endocrinology

Do you want to increase interdisciplinary collaborations at your institution? Could you help to raise the profile of endocrinology, and inspire those working in intersecting fields to identify with the discipline? Then represent the Society at your institution by becoming an Endocrine Ambassador.


What does an Endocrine Ambassador do?


As an Endocrine Ambassador, you’ll be your institution’s champion for endocrinology, bringing the many different flavours of our discipline together, and you’ll encourage students and colleagues to join the Society for Endocrinology.


As part of this role, you’ll be expected to:


  • organise small research seminars at your institution to bring students and colleagues together around a relevant interdisciplinary theme, for which you can apply for the Endocrine Ambassador Grant of £100 (£200 in exceptional circumstances)*


  • promote the Society for Endocrinology by displaying printed materials about the Society within your institution, and informing your colleagues and students about the benefits of membership


  • act as a proposer for new Society membership applications from your institution.


Each year, the three Endocrine Ambassadors who have recruited the most new members will receive a free annual membership to the Society for Endocrinology.


Funding opportunities:


A maximum of 20 grants of £100 each (£200 in exceptional circumstances) are available to ambassadors on a first come, first served basis to support a small event aimed at encouraging interdisciplinary collaborations and recruiting new members to the Society.  The funding will either be to provide refreshments or to provide support for a speaker.


Become an Endocrine Ambassador


To apply to be an ambassador, please complete the application form below. For the 2018 intake of ambassadors, the Society is looking to recruit scientists in the ‘Full’ or ‘In-Training’ membership category. 


Student Members can apply to become a Student Ambassador.


Endocrine Ambassadors

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