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SfE Endocrine Ambassadors

Are you an enthusiastic member of the Society who wants to raise awareness about endocrinology, inspire the next generation or help us grow our numbers of members? Then you could help the Society today by becoming one of our Endocrine Ambassadors.

We are looking to recruit Endocrine Ambassadors from across the Society’s membership so whether you are a student, early on in your career or in a senior position you can contribute to the sector and actively build on your professional development with the support of the Society. As well as supporting the Society and actively contributing to the success of the sector, it will provide you with opportunities to enrich your own career development.

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What does an Endocrine Ambassador do?

Our network of Endocrine Ambassadors help us achieve our vision of bringing together a pioneering community of endocrinologists by raising awareness, inspiring the next generation and helping us reach new members.

  • Share our initiatives, membership information, grants and competitions with your colleagues, associated institutions and medical schools.
  • Do you teach? Share our logo on your presentation slides and share initiatives where students can get involved.  
  • Highlighting your Ambassador status on your social media channels, email signature and in your professional portfolio.
  • Organise and/or speak at a careers or endocrine seminar for students, promoting Endocrinology as a speciality
  • Attend a careers fair (school, undergraduate, postgraduate or medical students)
  • Launch an Endocrine Society at your university and/or help established student societies host a lecture, careers talk or workshop.
  • Host an endocrine networking event or departmental seminar i.e. careers meet and greet or opportunities for colleagues in other fields to come
  • Attend or organise public outreach to engage school children or the public
  • Become a member proposer (not applicable to student Ambassadors).
  • Disseminate membership information amongst peers, colleagues and students

Achieving your three goals will not only enrich your career development, it allows you to actively contribute to the success of the sector in a meaningful way, whether you are inspiring the next generation of Endocrinologists, helping the Society meet the needs of the sector or increasing the diversity of professionals within the membership so we can progress the field of endocrinology together.

“Being a Society for Endocrinology Ambassador is great, especially when I encourage undergraduate members to join who then go on to win a Summer Studentship. The research experience gained can inspire them to study towards a PhD in the future, which is absolutely fantastic to see.”
Dr Craig Beall, Endocrine Ambassador, University of Exeter.

Student societies can now apply as whole, provided that they have one or two primary contacts that are members of the Society for Endocrinology.

We will support you by:

  • Exclusive access to an Ambassador meeting grant up to £250.
  • Providing a certificate for your professional portfolio
  • Facilitating networking opportunities with Ambassadors across the UK at our conference SfE BES and twice-yearly conference calls.
  • Exclusive access to Ambassador resources that will help you achieve your objectives.
  • Sharing opportunities to contribute to Society initiatives such as blog articles, focus groups and public engagement opportunities.
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