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Frequently asked questions

Please email [email protected] or contact the Membership Administrator on 01454 642202.

As part of the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion 2023 report it was agreed to remove the need for a proposer.  Instead you will be asked to complete a supporting statement outlining your reasons for joining the Society, which will be reviewed as part of your application. 

The subscription year runs from 1 January to 31 December each year. If you are a new member and join the Society for Endocrinology between 1 October and 31 December in any year, your payment, which is due upon application, also covers the following year's subscription.

Your membership will be due for renewal by 1 January. A renewal notification will be sent to you in October each year for the following year's subscription.

Yes, existing members may set up a Direct Debit to pay their subscription from their second year of membership at renewal. This is facilitated via GoCardless.

You will receive an email receipt for your membership payment. If you require an invoice, these are available in the secure members’ area for payments made from April 2024. For invoices prior to this, please contact the membership team via [email protected].

If your membership lapsed over two years ago, please complete a new application form available in the membership section of our website. 

If your membership lapsed less than two years ago, you can simply log in to your secure members' area to make your payment and reinstate your membership. 

Please email [email protected] or contact the Membership Administrator on 01454 642202 to request a subscription form.

You will receive a renewal notification in October for the following year's membership subscription, which is due by 1 January each year. 

Payment can be made by logging into your secure members' area where you can pay by card or set up a Direct Debit.


You can inform us of any changes to your membership category or career stage by contacting [email protected].

The members' area login can be found in the right hand top corner of our website home and membership pages. Log in using your email adddress and password.

If you have forgotten your password, please click on 'I’ve forgotten my password' and enter your email address when prompted. An email will be sent to you with a liknk to reset your password. 


You can access the membership directory by logging into the members' area and selecting 'Membership Directory'.

As a member of the Society, you will be able to view the contact details of other members via the members' directory. This directory is for members' use only and on no account may your password or any details be divulged to any other person. A breach of this will be referred to Council of Management for their decision on appropriate action.

The terms and conditions of membership of the Society require your details to appear in the members' directory.

If you have provided a home address as your mailing address, only your name and email address will be visible to other members.


Log in to your members’ area and you will find your membership number under Your Details.

You will also find your membership number in the welcome email we send you on joining.

If you have forgotten your password, please click on ’Forgot Password?’' and enter your email address when prompted. An email will be sent to you with a link to reset your password.

Please log into the Members' Area and go to 'My profile'. You will be able to view and update your personal profile and contact details.

Please log into the members' area using your membership number and password and go to 'Journals'. Click on the journal you wish to view and you will then be directed to the journal page.

Society members have free online access to current content of the Society’s official journals.

All content published between 1939 and August 1997 is included in the Society for Endocrinology Archive and is not a benefit of membership. You can pay to view any articles within the Society for Endocrinology archive by clicking on 'pay per view'.

Please email [email protected] or contact the Membership Administrator on 01454 642202.

Please see the Grants section of our website for all details

Primary Applicants should have been a Society member for at least one year prior to the grant deadline or for 6 months for an Early Career Member.

The Society’s activities are made possible by funding from our wholly owned trading subsidiary, Bioscientifica, which publishes our journals, manages our events and provides membership services.

All profits from Bioscientifica are gift aided to the Society for the benefit of endocrinology.

Concessionary membership is available to Full and Early Career members who are on a career break for six or more months of the subscription year. Please contact the membership team in advance of the start of the year if this is the case for you and we will apply your concessionary rate to your renewal.

Full members who earn less than £25,000 per year excluding London weighting, are entitled to a concessionary rate. New members can apply for this as part of the application process. Existing members should contact the membership team ahead of renewal.

Applications for membership will not be processed until receipt of a fully completed application form and payment of the membership fee. Please allow up to 7 working days for us to process your application upon receipt of your payment. Final confirmation of membership is upon approval of the Council which convenes quarterly. You will be able to access your member benefits in the meantime, but will be a non-voting member until Council approval is received.

If you do not renew your membership within the renewal period, your membership will automatically lapse. If you wish to cancel your membership part-way through the subscription year, please contact the membership team. Refunds cannot be provided for part of the membership year if membership is cancelled.

To change your password, log into the members' area using your new password and click on 'Change password'.


Please log into the  and on your members area dashboard click ‘Update details’. If you need to change your membership category or career stage, please contact [email protected].