Society for Endocrinology - a world-leading authority on hormones

Society strategy 2024 - 2027

The Society for Endocrinology was formed in 1946 and exists to advance the understanding of endocrinology.  Our work centres on bringing together the endocrine community, providing support for scientists, doctors, nurses and associated professionals working in the field of hormones who are improving patient outcomes, undertaking cutting-edge research which furthers the understanding of the endocrine system, and ensuring that people can make better healthcare choices.

Now is a critical time for the Society to set priorities for two main reasons:

  1. We are emerging from a global pandemic which has changed the way organisations and individuals work, meaning our members are facing different challenges with different expectations of us.
  2. There are challenges facing the Society’s trading subsidiary, Bioscientifica, which means the Society’s main revenue stream is going to be reduced over the next few years.

This new strategy will allow us to move forward with clarity and focus and ensure the Society delivers its mission in the most impactful way within its available resources.

Financial stability, operational efficiency and robust governance underpin the success of the Society, whatever its strategic priorities. With these in mind we know we need to meet the following objectives over the coming years.

  • Diversify and develop our revenue streams
  • Improve our membership system and processes
  • Continue to implement recommendations from our governance review 2020/1

We intend that this strategy will enable us to achieve the best impact and value for our members we possibly can offer over the coming years.

Society strategy 2024-2027