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Clinical practice

Interdepartmental peer review

Supporting clinical endocrinologists, this scheme provides an external assessment of clinical governance and service delivery.

Running since 2002, the scheme aims to improve services for endocrine patients. Each visit will focus on basic standards for endocrine care and service provision. The visit will facilitate an exchange of ideas and experiences, and allow areas of concern to be voiced.

Interdepartmental Peer Review is being relaunched. As part of this, documents are currently under review.  If you would like to pre-view the draft versions or would like to make an application to be reviewed, please contact Natasha Archer - Clinical Project Manager.

Applications from all endocrine centres are welcome.

How peer review works

Peer Reviewed Clinical Centres 

If you would like your centre to be considered for one of these visits, please contact Dr Antonia Brooke. Those interested in gaining experience as a Reviewer should also get in touch.