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Corporate Liaison Committee

Fosters partnerships and collaborations between the Society and industry for mutually beneficial projects which further patient care and education.

Corporate Liaison Committee remit


Paul Carroll (Chair) (London) demits Dec 2021

Afroze Abbas (Leeds) demits Dec 2021

Cynthia Andoniadou (London) demits Dec 2021

Sherwin Criseno (Birmingham) demits Dec 2021

David Hodson (Birmingham) demits Dec 2021

Richard Quinton (Newcastle-upon-Tyne) demits Dec 2021

Thozhukat Sathyapalan (Hull)

John Wilding (Liverpool)  demits Dec 2021

Justyna Witczak (Cardiff)


Victoria Salem (London) demits Dec 2021

Ex Officio

Stephanie Baldeweg (London) (Clinical Committee Chair)

Anne Marland (Oxford) (Nurse Committee Chair)

Kevin Murphy (London) (Science Committee Chair)