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Election of Committee Members: General Information

Nominations to replace retiring members of Society Committees are sought. Members may apply themselves or nominate other members.

We aim to maintain a good balance on the committee in terms of gender, subject area and geography. Please refer to the committee webpages to see the current composition and demitting members.

IMPORTANT – If you are nominating someone else, it is the responsibility of the proposer to consult the nominee as to whether he or she is willing to stand for election.

A general committee job description can be found under the online form.

Apply online:

If you are nominating another member
What is your main field of expertise?
Please include specific skills or experience that you can add to the committee
Provide brief professional history for nominee, indicating their suitability for this role here or upload a word document below
As a word document, 300 words maximum.


Committee member job description

Committee members report to the committee Chair. They are responsible for:

• Providing input into policy proposals within the area of the committee remit
• Providing feedback and advice on the Society’s activities in the area of the committee remit
• Promoting the best interests of the Society, its members and the public
• Attending at least two thirds of committee meetings, unless excused by the Chair
• Taking part in ad hoc working parties as required
• Providing advice and feedback between meetings, as required by the Chair or staff