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Early Career Committee

Looks after the interests of early career endocrinologists, including developing education programmes, providing career advice and organising education sessions at the annual SfE BES conference.

Early Career Committee remit

Over the last 3 years the committee has:

  • Introduced the Student Video Award for under- and postgraduates
  • Developed an annual Taster Day for undifferentiated medical trainees to encourage them to choose endocrinology & diabetes as their specialty
  • Organised the Early Career Symposium at our SfE BES conference, as well as the early career quiz and other networking activities
  • Helped shape the Society’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic by providing valuable feedback on the impact to early career researchers, clinicians and nurses


Mark Turner (Chair) (Coventry) 

Fionnuala Bonfield (Oxford)

Joanne Brown (Stockport)

Tom Cullen (Coventry)

Jolyon Dales (Leicester)

Fionnuala Bonfield(Oxford)

Punith Kempegowda (Birmingham)

Maria Price (Coventry)

Abigail Walker (London)

Katherine White (West Malling)

Alice Wills (Reading)



Nauman Jadoon (Glasgow)

Hannah Smurthwaite (Kettering)

Ex Officio

Isabel Huang-Doran (Clinical Committee Rep) (Cambridge) 

Rebecca Sagar (Clinical Committee Rep) (Leeds)