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Could you help us to shape the future of endocrinology?

Your Society is seeking experienced full members to join a new Grants Panel to support our new grants strategy which will foster a fairer selection process based on merit. This is your opportunity to expand your professional network, to take part in academic citizenship activities, to change the course of someone’s career and to make a difference to the future of endocrinology.

This new Grants Panel will ensure that the Society is operating in line with current best practice and is transparent, representative and effective in supporting its diverse membership.

We are looking for a diverse group of panel members from all backgrounds and locations to help us do this work. We particularly welcome members from under-represented groups, including those located in the regions and members working in District General Hospitals.

The panel members will be required to attend Grants Panel meetings three times a year, usually online.

Grants Panel responsibilities include:

  1. Reviewing and marking Society grant applications and awarding funds within the budgets and guidance set by Council.
  2. Ensuring that the application and selection process is fair, transparent, inclusive and based on merit.
  3. Reviewing the selection process annually, so that it can be evaluated and iterated going forward to ensure continual improvement. Reporting these findings to Council.
  4. Reviewing Grants Panel membership annually and advising on member turnover.
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Chair: 1 full member, experience of sitting on a Grants Panel at a national level required

Deputy chair: 1 full member, experience of sitting on a Grants Panel at a national level required

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Panel members: up to 16 full members, range of experience and categories welcomed

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