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A career in scientific research

As scientists, working in endocrinology, we are fascinated with how organ systems and chemical signals communicate, enabling the development and function of the entire body.  There is no such thing as a typical endocrine scientist and you may find that as your career develops, you move in to and out of different endocrinology related areas. 

How to get there...

If you are considering a research career in endocrinology, you will probably start with a life-sciences degree, followed by either a masters or PhD in a more specialised area.  

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Where to find out more about a career in endocrinology

  • Join the Society for Endocrinology. A membership will allow you to network with leaders in the specialty, access grants as well as many other opportunities. Find out more.
  • Take a look at the Medical Research Council's interactive career framework to help understand how scientists progress in their career.
  • View the endocrine career profiles. Our scientist members come from almost every discipline of research, all have a shared interest in hormones and signalling whether that is in understanding metabolism, ageing, neuroendocrinology and more. Read about careers profiles.