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PhD in Buffalo, New York

  • BSc Pharmacology & Physiology. The Nottingham Trent University.
  • MSc Toxicology. The University of Birmingham.
  • PhD Molecular Biology. The University of Birmingham

Craig Doig

Endocrinology abroad - PhD in Buffalo, New York | Centre for Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism. University of Birmingham

Career History

After completion of my BSc I spent three years in the pharmaceutical industry working with 3M Health Care on inhaled glucocorticoids. In 2007 I moved back into the academic world to obtain my masters degree in toxicology, and PhD in molecular biology. As part of his studies he spent the latter half of his PhD living and working in Buffalo, New York at the world leading Roswell Park Cancer Institute.

Craig’s Story

Working in industry provided me with a cold view of scientific research. Projects you are working on can be dropped with no notice at all in favour of other projects that have a higher priority. These decisions are made all with a fiscal aim and scientific growth and creativity are secondary to this. Therefore, I moved back to academia. During my Masters degree in Birmingham I became focused on working in molecular biology and developed my key interests of endocrinology and cancer. The time on working on my PhD was split 50:50 between University of Birmingham UK and the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in the Upstate New York. This was a tremendous period and gave me a novel PhD experience that was invaluable. Currently, I work as a postdoctoral research fellow at Birmingham. My work investigates both glucose and glucocorticoid metabolism with particular focus on skeletal muscle.

What you have found difficult

Relocating to another country is never stress free and moving abroad half way through my PhD was certainly very demanding. For a short time it was as though there are two versions of myself. Each on with bills that needed paying, paperwork needed completing and PhD commitments that needed meeting!

What you have found beneficial

Despite stressful times, moving abroad was an invaluable experience both on a professional and personal level. I now have a wealth of experience that others around me do not this helps me stand apart and also more importantly have a great group of friends over in the USA !