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Student Ambassadors Scheme

Acting as a voice for their fellow students, Ambassadors are indispensable in helping to advance the awareness of endocrinology throughout their institutions and beyond.

The Ambassador scheme is also central in ensuring the Society is recognising and supporting our next generation of endocrinologists effectively and ensuring that they are taking an active role in the wider endocrine community.

Each institution has between 2 and 4 Ambassadors at any one time involved in the following activities:

  • Providing a voice to the student community through attending focus groups, advising on Student Member policy and other student activities at the Society
  • Promoting the work of the Society within institutions and to fellow students
  • Providing thought pieces for the new Student Ambassadors' area of the website and our magazine The Endocrinologist
  • Setting up and hosting Endocrine Clubs
  • Student Ambassadors are either Student Members or Scientist-in-Training Members who are PhD students. Through the involvement and training opportunities it provides, the scheme also helps Student Ambassadors develop a multitude of additional skills throughout their student career.


Become a Student Ambassador