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Information and resources to help you undertake your Student Ambassador activities and promote your endocrine club with support from the Society for Endocrinology.

Student Ambassador logo and ToolKit

The Toolkit is designed to help you promote your Student Ambassador and endocrine club activities within your institution.


Download the ToolKit


To use the Student Ambassador logo on an endocrine club website or event materials, please ensure the following disclaimer is visible:

The opinions, information and links expressed in Student Ambassador and endocrine club activities, events, and online and printed materials do not necessarily reflect a position or policy of the Society for Endocrinology. No official endorsement by Society for Endocrinology of the content or viewpoints expressed within these activities should be inferred.

Setting up a local endocrinology club or society

Want to set up your own endocrinology society at your institution? Read on for some top hints and tips on how to get started.

  • Gather a group of interested students who will be the 'founding members'
  • Contact the regulatory body for student societies at your institution
  • Apply for the status of a society
  • Draft a constitution
  • Set up a society bank account
  • Recruit a senior treasurer (a doctor, consultant or an academic who can approve the society's activities)
  • Recruit the rest of the committee
  • Apply for funding (e.g. MDU, MPS, Wesleyan Medical Sickness)
  • Ask interested students to sign up to a mailing list
  • Contact endocrinologists and research academics in your hospital/university for event ideas/as potential speakers
  • Set up a webpage (Facebook/University)
  • Organise and publicise the launch event
  • Ask members for ideas and topics they would like to see covered in future events
  • Advertise your events on the Society's events calendar
  • Let us know that your new club is up and running
  • Enjoy yourselves!


Don't forget to also investigate opportunities to do outreach activities. The Society for Endocrinology has various opportunities including volunteering at outreach events and writing for the Society's blog The Endocrine Post.

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You could make contact with your local branch of the British Science Association, talk to your institution's outreach or widening participation team.