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Tuesday 15 September at 4pm BST

Publicly available data sources, a practical example

Dr Fabio Sanna 

University of Oxford

This webinar will cover:

“I have seen a very cool paper; can I access the data to address a different scientific question?”.

Using practical examples of how to access and analyse micro-array data from publicly available data sources, you will see that we can still address different scientific questions and generate publishable figures from our living rooms. 

About the presenter

Dr Sanna is a molecular biologist, working as Senior Postdoctoral Research Scientist at the University of Oxford, with both academic and industry experience. He is currently interested in the relationship between circadian rhythm, inflammation and liver metabolism. By using in vitro models, such as 3D cell culture and molecular biology techniques like ChIPseq and RNAseq, his research focuses on the role of a wide range of molecules serving as a link to mediate temporal distribution of metabolic processes.

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