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Tuesday 29 September at 4pm BST

Differential gene expression analysis from RNA-sequencing data

Dr Ildem Akerman

Institute of Metabolism and Systems Research, University of Birmingham

Differential gene expression analysis is the application of statistical tools to discover quantitative changes in gene expression levels between two or more experimental groups.

This talk will cover:

  • Introduction to differential gene expression
  • How to design RNA-seq experiments  
  • Tips on sample preparation
  • Differential gene expression analysis computational pipeline
  • How to analyse RNA-seq data?
  • Online resources, how to get help
  • Interpretation of your results
  • Follow analysis: gene ontology, gene set enrichment analysis

About the presenter

Dr Akerman is interested in answering fundamental questions about gene regulation in diseased and healthy pancreatic beta cells through integrated use of molecular, genomic, computational and systems biology. In particular, her aim is to understand how various types of noncoding DNA elements interact to establish gene expression in the pancreatic beta cell.

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