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Diabetes Insipidus name change campaign

We are supporting The Pituitary Foundation's campaign to change the name of diabetes insipidus.

The term ‘diabetes insipidus’ is very often mistaken for diabetes mellitus by health care professionals (HCPs) and the general public. The two conditions unfortunately share the term ‘diabetes’, although they are completely unrelated and mean very different things.

The challenge for diabetes insipidus patients is when they need hospital attention (A&E, surgery, or on a hospital ward). Many HCPs are unaware of DI and assume the patient has diabetes mellitus. The consequences mean they are often given inappropriate treatment and can even result in fatality. 

It is time to change the name, so that it prompts HCPs of exactly what the condition is, to understand it quickly and ensure that patients are treated safely and properly.

There is no need to die, sign the petition to change the name and save lives!

The name change will be ‘pituitary insipidus - desmopressin dependent’ (PIDD). Read our Clinical Guidance on Inpatient management of cranial diabetes insipidus.

Miles Levy introduces diabetes insipidus, its causes, treatments and the case for the name change.

Introduction to diabetes insipidus