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Clinical practice

COVID-19 resources for managing endocrine conditions 

We are collating resources relating to COVID-19 and endocrine practice for your information and to share with your colleagues.

This resource has been created to address uncertainty and provide guidance and support to colleagues at this challenging time (this advice is NOT intended for patient use).

If you have documents to share, please send them to

Our Clinical Committee will review them and they will be uploaded to this page as quickly as possible. This page will be updated regularly.


Androgen replacement

Cushing's Syndrome

Diabetes Inspidus

Diabetes Mellitus

Endocrine Surgery

Fertility treatment

Genetic haemochromatosis

Growth hormone

Neuroendocrine tumours


Osteoporosis & calcium metabolic disorders


Pituitary/adrenal insufficiency

Pituitary tumours

Thyroid dysfunction

Thyroid cancer

Thyroid eye disease

Turner Syndrome

Vitamin D

Please note that these resources are not Society endorsed but have been supplied by members in response to clinical practice management during the COVID-19 crisis.