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Endocrine Nurse Vacancy - Peer Review Working Group

Interdepartmental Peer Review aims to help improve the services offered to patients with endocrine pathologies, help support requests for additional resources and lift morale within the endocrine community. 

Endocrine Nurses are key members of the Peer Review Working Group and their role is vital in the successful provision of the Peer Review Service. The role of nurse members includes:

  • developing relevant documents for peer review
  • participating and/or leading in recommending nurse reviewers for peer review visits
  • developing and recommending systems and mechanism for sharing best practice in endocrine nursing
  • taking part in up to 2 teleconferences per year
  • attending a Peer Review Working Group Meeting once a year (at the SfE BES conference)
  • actively promoting the peer review service amongst colleagues

Each working Group member has agreed that being a part of this initiative has been a very useful tool for assessing the quality of their own local service.

The Peer Review Working Group currently has a vacancy for one nurse member. Applications are open to all experienced Endocrine Nurses who are current members of the Society for Endocrinology.

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All members of the Peer Review Working Group offer a voluntary service and are therefore not paid. However, expenses related to Peer Review activities are paid for by the Society including travel expenses, accommodation, etc. when required. It is important that the successful applicant is fully supported by their manager or employing authority.