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Clinical practice

Transitional Care

Transitional care is complex and is an important part of lifelong endocrine care.  To be effective it needs to address the ever changing biological, psychological, sexual, social and educational/vocational needs of adolescence and emerging adulthood. 

The age range that this period of life covers means that the responsibility for transitional care is within both paediatric and adult endocrine services.  The RCP is the latest College to begin to focus on this area and through the representatives of the Young Adult and Adolescent Steering Group is encouraging specialties to review current status of both education/training and transitional care. The project will address the following questions;

  • What is the current state of transitional care in endocrinology nationally?
  • What are the attitudes and training needs of health care professionals working within transitional care?
  • What are the user perspectives on transitional care in endocrinology and what are their transitional care needs?

The project is led by Dr Helena Gleeson, supported by the Clinical Endocrinology Trust