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HRA Pharma

HRA Pharma – more than ten years working in the field of rare endocrine disorders

Since entering the field in 2002, HRA Pharma has been an active member of the rare endocrine diseases community, investing in, developing and supporting the enhancement of medical treatments and services for patients suffering from rare endocrine disorders.

In 2002 HRA Pharma obtained Orphan status in Europe for a key product indicated for the symptomatic treatment of advanced adrenal cortical carcinoma and in 2004 the product was launched across Europe. HRA Pharma also developed Lysosafe, a free of charge therapeutic monitoring service that helps clinicians optimise the treatment of patients receiving this product.

In 2011, the company reinforced its engagement in the endocrine field by acquiring a product already well established in the UK for the management of Cushing's syndrome. HRA Pharma is currently investing in research for this disorder with a view to expanding the current knowledge base and optimising patient management.

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