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General information

How will it work?

The sessions are free to attend and are conducted entirely online with attendees registering their interest prior to the event. Once registered, instructions will be sent via email with a simple joining link and the session environment will load on the attendee's computer. You will be required to enter your membership number and password to access the webpage.

Are the sessions live or pre-recorded?

Sessions will include a mixture of live and pre-recorded presentations from our speaker(s). Each session will include a live text chat box Q&A giving you the chance to pose your questions to our speakers. There will be a discussion with a live panel during Q&A sessions throughout the course of the talk.

How long is each session?

Each session will begin with a 30-minute presentation followed by a live discussion and Q&A with our expert panel. 

Once the session is over, will I have access to the materials and recording?

The Society will be hosting all sessions within the Members' Area post-transmission, meaning you can re-watch talks at a time that suits you.