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Research Skills Webinars

This webinar programme is designed to support researchers whilst access to laboratories continues to be limited. With free pre-recorded content and live question and answer sessions, the series is an opportunity to join in and learn from experts to help further your research.


Research Skills Webinars 2021

In response to the changing needs of our members during the COVID-19 pandemic, this webinar series aims to support all lab-based researchers, while access to laboratories is limited. This collection of presentations has been developed to help members to analyse their existing datasets and plan their future research using a range of interdisciplinary techniques. The series will begin with talks outlining statistical methods, image analysis and tools for better data visualisation. This will be followed by ‘how to’ guides for members considering introducing mass spectrometry, proteomics, structural biology and mathematics into their endocrine research. The series is a free opportunity for members across the Society and their research groups to learn and develop new skills which will benefit their current and future research.

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