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SfE BES is the most valuable opportunity for early career endocrinologists



Grants and awards


Why is the programme valuable for early career endocrinologists?


The Early Career Symposium will to further your skillset and help you advance your career.

This year's title is: 'Engaging with the public - Why stepping out of the ivory tower widens more than just your world

Session talks include:

  • How your Society can help you engage the public – Maralyn Druce (Chair of Public Engagement Committee)

  • Making the best of what you’re given and public engagement grants – Speaker TBC

  • How to reach out across social media – Helen Simpson

  • Meaningful engagement with patients: the importance of recognising common humanity in patients is key to improving relationships’ – Speaker TBC

  • Endocrinology in the public eye – Giles Yeo 

The focus of this symposia is how to engage with the public around topics in endocrinology. You'll learn why you should do it, how best to do it and how the Society can support this.

The Society's Public Engagement Grant is available to support the organisation and delivery of outreach activities, aimed at school children and/or the general public.

Our Symposia bring you closer to internationally recognised experts in endocrinology, who are leading the way within your speciality. Covering advances in clinical practice, the latest research and new techniques, these sessions provide you with an crucial updates in your speciality. By attending you'll gain a deeper understanding of endocrinology unrivalled elsewhere in the UK.
These sessions bring you closer to leading experts in their speciality. Covering important aspects of clinical endocrinology, you stand to learn from the challenges faced by others, and the appropriate solutions to common problems. These talks are highly informative, allowing for questions and answers, leaving you ready to return to your clinic confident in approaching new challenges.
These talks are led by clinicians and nurses with a focus on one key clinical method or group of therapies. By attending you will gain insight in to new or innovative procedures leading to better clinical outcomes for your patients.
The new innovation sessions in 2019 provide all attendees of SfE BES 2019, opportunities for learning not discussed anywhere else. The clinical innovation session and industry innovations, in particular, are especially valuable to all early career endocrinologists. These sessions raise discussions around new therapeutics and procedures in endocrinology, as well as highlighting new opportunities for funding that the pharmaceutical industry are spearheading themselves These new sessions will immerse you in deeper discussions with fellow clinicians and nurses from across the UK, providing you with unique insights and knowledge that your peers can provide.
The Endocrine Network sessions on Wednesday offer a chance for clinicians, nurses and researchers of one speciality to come together for a dedicated symposium. This session provides expert discussions around your chosen speciality and updates to research and clinical practice. By attending you'll further your understanding while meeting peers in your specialism.

Networking opportunities

Along with the varied programme, the conference will give you ample opportunity to network with other early career attendees and senior clinicians, nurses and scientists. Monday, the networking day for Early Career attendees, includes two fun and engaging sessions:

Join your peers and the Early Careers Steering Group for an informal networking lunch on Monday 11 November. Taking place at the networking lounge in the centre of the Exhibition Hall, this is your opportunity to make new friends and meet peers from across the country. This is an incredibly popular session at SfE BES so make sure you don’t miss out.
Our early careers curry and quiz on Monday night is always a popular event. It's free to attend and gives you the chance to network with your peers and new faces in a fun and informal setting. Teams are captained by established endocrinologists offering you the opportunity to build relationships with leading figures. The quiz is especially beneficial when you are travelling alone, or are a first-time attendee, as there is always somebody to chat to.

Grants and Awards

 The Society has multiple Grants and Awards aimed at enriching and rewarding exceptional work of Early Career endocrinologists. In doing so we ensure that leading voices in our community get the recognition they deserve at such an early point in their careers.

The Society's Travel Grant enables those with limits to budgets to attend endocrinology meetings that they have submitted an abstract to.

This is a important grant in supporting you in being able to present your research while raising your profile in our connected community.

For Early Career members, you can apply for up to £600 towards the costs of registration, travelling and accommodation.

You can learn more about the grant here


Early Careers and Plenary Orals

Taking place at 09:35 on Tuesday, this session will present the awards for the Clinical Early Career Prize lecture and the Basic Early Career Prize Lecture.

These awards are given to Early Career members whose work in the past year has been recognised for leading the way in endocrine research within their respective discipline.

The CET Best abstract for clinical and basic science will also provide you with the perfect opportunity to see the most influential research presented at the conference, that will have an important impact on endocrine research.


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